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e-Ashwa Automotive Private Limited

e-Ashwa Automotive is one of the leading manufacturers of environment friendly Battery Operated Vehicles. The company specializes in 3 wheelers, namely e-Rickshaws, e-Loader, e-Auto & 2 wheelers including e-Scooter and e-motorbikes.

e-Ashwa Automotive has a unique proposition of having a co-Assembler at every 200 Kms periphery which covers 6-10 districts wherein co-Assembler has exclusive right of making and selling electric vehicles in e-Ashwa brand and multi model under strategic tie-ups with other reputed models. Under each of the co-assembler, a distributor is appointed for each of the districts which are part of territory of co-Assembler. Under each of the distributor dealers are appointed keeping minimum distance of 5 Kms between two dealers in urban area and 15 Kms in rural area.

Currently, e-Ashwa has 19 co-Assembling units spread in 14 States with a strong dealer network of 65 dealers spread across 15 States. e-Ashwa has its headquarter, main factory and assembly unit in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

e-Ashwa has a strong portfolio of 36 models including 7 models of 3 Wheelers and 29 models of 2 Wheelers. As of now e-Ashwa is offering all 7 models of 3 Wheelers and 4 models of 2 Wheelers under its registered trademark e-Ashwa Automotive. Additionally, to facilitate advantage of having multi model for its dealers, e-Ashwa has made strategic partnership with 6 reputed OEM's namely - Fidato, Joy e-Bike, TNR, Yakuza, Li-Ions Elektrik and SES wherein e-Ashwa offers their products in selected regions.

e-Ashwa, proudly, offers its dealers option to order low quantity of vehicles which is unique in market as compared to other OEMs in this segment who have kept 20 vehicles as minimum order quantity.

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